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We at AGI Group all have children so we take Child Custody cases very seriously. We investigate when the child’s welfare  is in question either through physical abuse, morally questionable home or around unsavory people.


As with all case we begin with goals in mind to accomplish what your attorney believes will work play in your favor. As an example, we methodically look at when the best time for surveillance is by looking at the schedules of those involved. We then document activities present to the investigator and note those around the child for further research.


Unlike in the movies and TV these cases are usually a little more complicated then depicted. However, we are diligent in getting our clients the information they need to protect themselves, their children, their finances and bring closure.


We work with the client and their attorney (some clients prefer not to bring in an attorney until after investigation) to decide what is needed to prove infidelity. We gather work schedules and discuss opportunities that he or she may have unaccounted time. We then begin researching others they may be involved and try to identify their schedules. Based on these items, we then begin to formulate the best time(s) and locations for surveillance.


Whether it be a potential rental tenant, employee, baby-sitter, business partner or someone you just met online – information is important to determine if there is a right fit.


We gather the information you might know about them, for example, their name, date of birth, age, known locations of residency, vehicles, just to name a few of relevant markers. We then begin to work backward using various databases that our industry is privy to (not to confused with general consumer databases you find online) and locate what is available.


In over 20 years of being in this profession, we have worked literally 1000’s of fraudulent claims. We still enjoy it simply from the standpoint that if it is a fraudulent claim we want to stop it. We all know it costs each of us money. And, if they are qualified to work, we want them to work..just like you and me!


We work closely with the claims agent and gather all the pertinent information on the case such as potential injury, known doctors appointments, known hobbies, lifestyle and their reported injury limitations. We then continue with an online aerial view of the location to look for potential surveillance locations and entry/exits points of the area. From here, we begin surveillance and note activities through digital video with date/time stamp.


In connection to Marital Infidelity we may opt to utilize a GPS Tracker to monitor their whereabouts prior to or in conjunction with surveillance.