1. Ask if they are licensed in the state and request to see.
  2. Ask how long they have been in business and their experience. Get a feel for who they are.
  3. Ask about their rates and what is included and not included.
  4. Ask if they offer the ability to send you the report, with proof elements online for a faster turnaround.
  5. Make sure you are comfortable with them (you are the best judge) and determine if they are genuine.
  6. If you leave a voice message, did they return it within a reasonable time?
  7. Discuss when you will be updated on the case.

Lastly, if they promise you they will “catch that person, no problem”. RUN..don’t walk.

We have found no reputable private eye or investigation company will promise results, simply because it is not possible due to many variables that come into play while working on a case. For example, the target may run a red light and the investigator can not follow safety or if the target begins to drive erratically to determine if they are being followed.